Leakage-Adjusted Simulatability: Can Models Generate Non-Trivial Explanations of Their Behavior in Natural Language?
Peter Hase, Shiyue Zhang, Harry Xie, Mohit Bansal
Findings of EMNLP. [pdf] [code]

Evaluating Explainable AI: Which Algorithmic Explanations Help Users Predict Model Behavior?
Peter Hase, Mohit Bansal
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Interpretable Image Recognition with Hierarchical Prototypes
Peter Hase, Chaofan Chen, Oscar Li, Cynthia Rudin
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Shall I Compare Thee to a Machine-Written Sonnet? An Approach to Algorithmic Sonnet Generation
John Benhardt, Peter Hase, Liuyi Zhu, Cynthia Rudin
Preprint on arXiv. [pdf] [code]